About Me

About Me

“The Financial Traders Café welcomes you to become part of an elite community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to becoming successful, personal financial traders and investors”

The common goal will always be to skilfully extract money from the financial markets in all environments so that members achieve their financial goals, giving them financial security and the lifestyle they desire

– Adam Collingwood

Money is Just a State of Mind

Having experienced both I would say that wealth and poverty are financial states we choose, whether we do this consciously or unconsciously. How we think right now and the decisions we make will determine all of our tomorrows. So if we have fearful thoughts about money, bad associations formed in the past coming from a place of lack and fear, this will play havoc with your thoughts and emotions when you are trading and investing. Change this and you will experience the transformation you desire including financial abundance.

Never, ever, fear the financial markets. They are just a state of mind. The financial markets are your friend and business partner. They can be your very own personal cash till. Treat them disrespectfully though and you will be severely punished. There is a graveyard of people with a diminished pot of money who dabbled in the financial markets.

Choose to Master Trading and Investing. If you do just dabble at it, you do so at your own financial peril. As a coach I help traders and investors to get to a level of conscious competence. Once they become unconsciously competent as traders it becomes second nature, just like driving a car. This way you get into naturally winning habits.You don’t need to think, you just know what to do!

I also coach how to be financially well organised, calm and deliberate in every stage of the trading and investing cycle from entry to exit. If you are disorganised and panic regularly, your thoughts and emotions will be erratic, sabotaging your chances of trading successfully.

How not to fail at Trading

There are countless reasons why people fail at trading. The big one for me is trading with too much leverage on a small trading account. You get one or two trades wrong and you are out of the game.

The secret to you becoming a powerful and successful financial trader and investor will be determined by how you manage your trades. This means once you have strategically bought or sold its then all about how well you manage your winners and losers. The winners need to keep running until they hit your target which you should know every time before entering the trade.

The losers then need to be cut short with minimal losses. So your trading account should show big wins and small losses compounding over a long period of time.

If you have traded the correct amount per point, based on the size of your trading account you can always afford to have a few losing trades as the winners will overshadow the losers.

You have to speculate but there is no need to go bonkers risking everything on one or two trades. The financial markets will always be there for you to milk money from them but you need to stay in the game and then consistently make money over time.

There is an abundance of free training and education here to help you become a better trader and investor. The Financial Traders Café is for beginners and seasoned traders and investors who are looking for new insights and ideas to make more money. This is what being part of a community is about.

Trading with no limitations of what is possible

To become a proficient financial trader I avoid continuously thinking and analysing and just act from a higher state of no mind.

I trade from a different level of consciousness and teach how to do this so that your mind has no limitations as to what is possible.

“There are no boundaries or limitations other than the ones we make ourselves”

As an example would you believe it were possible to make 309% return in just 3 months? Unless you have traded before you would not think this was possible. But what if I showed you empirical evidence of how I did this by just day trading the DAX and DOW for just a few hours a week? This was just following a scientific process I invented, utilising skill, leverage and controlled management of each trade.

Following the new changes with ESMA this was a challenge I took on to show how anyone could quickly grow a small trading account of just £2000 to five and six figures. This started on 1st March 2018 and is still ongoing. You can see all the trades in the Financial Traders Lounge by signing up to our free membership. These are updated weekly so you can see the profit and loss on each trade and the win/loss ratio. We also have a trading diary of every trade made from open to close and some training videos showing how some of the trades were made.

How can thousands of personal financial traders look at the same chart and get things so terribly wrong?

The answer is that we all live in our own internal worlds, so what we see through the lens of our own mind will be different to the next person. In other words our perception is never the reality. What we have learned whether consciously or unconsciously creates our own internal belief system. So when it comes to trading the financial markets there are literally thousands of permutations that will determine different results.

How come at least 80% of traders lose money?

That is a question I dive deep into with students who want to be in the 20% of winning traders. To give you an idea you have to unlearn and delete from memory what you have been taught before if you are consistently losing money. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you always got!” So doing the same thing over and over again with poor results is a very clear sign that you need to stop doing it right now.

How do you see what is not yet seen?

When you read a financial chart I need to see what is not yet seen. You have to anticipate where the price action is heading but most importantly why.

I imagine the outcome in my mind before it happens, anticipating the next move just like when playing chess. My opponent is the person on the other side of the trade whether I am buying or selling. I know I can’t be right every time but I do know I have a high probability of being right more than wrong. That confidence comes from thousands of hours of repetition. I keep repeating the same trades over and over again because they made me big profits before.

Conversely, I trained my mind to avoid falling into the traps that have caught me out before. Not repeating and avoiding the amateur mistakes made over the years is the key to becoming a competent trader.

I still see financial traders making all the mistakes that I made in the past which gives me and everyone I coach a huge advantage.Showing how to avoid losing a lot of money to the sharks is just as important as how to find winning trades.

Your trading weapons

I see the same old technical indicators being used by traders that are now in the dark ages!

If you want to learn how to trade successfully then you need to choose just a few of the right weapons. You then need to become highly proficient at using them. I have a secret weapon that I discovered a few years ago and built all my trading strategies around this to ensure that I maintained absolute discipline and focus. It is simply because of this weapon that I have so many winning trades, consistently.

I see traders using so many technical indicators giving conflicting signals and making everything overcomplicated. So it comes as no surprise that financial traders become overwhelmed, diluting their effectiveness.

Trading too many markets

Trading far too many markets is another big reason why financial traders and investors lose money. Trading anything that moves is like trying to watch five of your favourite TV programs all at the same time, whilst also having the radio on in the background!

Focus only on one or two markets and know them like you know your best friend. So for day trading, I will only trade the DAX and the DOW. I know these markets so well now that I don’t need to be glued to my screen all day long but I know exactly where I will strategically execute my trades and where my target for profit is. Of course, I will always have an early exit should I need to take a small loss.

Imagine trying to watch the charts for crude oil, gold, forex pairs, individual stocks and Indices all at the same time. You also have to be continuously aware of the news that could affect all of these markets!! Not good if you have open trades unless they have been strategically correlated to react differently which only a professional hedge fund manager and his team might do!

Could you beat the investment fund managers?

Perhaps you have relied in the past on investment advisers and fund managers to do the work for you and you want to learn how to do it yourself. Buying and short selling is a skill that can be learned by anyone with desire, dedication and a good attitude to money.

I enjoy simplifying the process and cutting through all the confusion for beginners and those who have been plodding away at this game with little or no success.

Importantly if you do want to day trade is this full time, part-time or just a few hours a week. You then need to decide whether you are going to day trade the DAX, DOW, FTSE100, Forex pairs, commodities and so on.

Alternatively, you may want to learn how to find individual stocks that you can buy or short sell and then hold for just a few days, weeks, months or even years. I created a unique but simple step by step system of how to trade individual UK and USA stocks, using leverage to magnify the returns exponentially.

I also teach at my seminars how to invest in individual stocks, including how to do this through your ISA and Self Invested Personal Pensions. This still requires at least four hours commitment of your time each week but the financial rewards can massively compensate your efforts when compared to relying completely on investment fund managers.

Are you up to the challenge? Do you think you could beat the fund managers?

I think you can and I will show you how. There is a catch though. If you are not committed to following the process, including monitoring the individual stocks you buy, you are probably better off delegating to a fund manager.

If you choose this route I will show you how to always be with the very best fund managers at all times to ensure you have an excellent chance of growing your money exponentially. As well as running my monthly Top of The Stocks and Top of the Dogs I also run a monthly show on the top fund managers and announce the worse fund managers.

To sign off I look forward to meeting with you and helping you to achieve your goals in any way I can.

To your success, Adam