Platinum 12 Month Mastermind

Platinum 12 Month Mastermind

The Ultimate Investing Platinum Mastermind Group

The Ultimate Investing Platinum Mastermind is an elite group of 10 like-minded individuals with similar aspirations. They are passionate about creating wealth so that they can have the abundant lifestyle they desire for themselves and those closest to them.

My specific goal is for all Mastermind members to accelerate their wealth much faster than they ever could on their own. The Mastermind provides focus, accountability, support and sharing of ideas to keep everyone on track during these invaluable 12 months. This keeps the momentum strong so that the high targets are achieved during this time and beyond.

I will now go on to give you some insights on how this could massively change your life and to help you evaluate whether this is for you.

This Mastermind Group is not just about learning more advanced financial trading and investment strategies but goes much, much deeper into the science of how our minds work and what we believe we can achieve with no limitations. So despite you being equipped with the very best tools and strategies it is how you think and feel that determines your success and consequently how much money you will make.

Whilst there seems no logic to it, we can very easily sabotage ourselves because we set our own limitations as to what is possible. Why do we do this?

Why do we create an invisible ceiling that limits how much money we feel comfortable making? Much of it is unconscious and stems from our previous behavior and experiences around money. Your success as a financial trader and investor will be determined by your belief system and what it conceives is possible or impossible.

My interpretation of the Mastermind is how you master and control your own mind, not just occasionally but all day long. Having laser beam focus with a clear picture of what you want, with no doubts or fears. This clarity helps the mind give us clear instructions of what to do. Everything should be sequential and orderly which is why routine and good habits are so important and encouraged in the Mastermind group. If you are easily distracted and continuously think negative thoughts as most of society does, you will have completely unproductive and soul-destroying days.

When the mind is clear it gives us those flashes of inspiration, new ideas and a different perspective on things. We start to see things differently and see opportunities every day. We can then just act without hesitation or question that this is the right thing to do. Who do you know that suffers from inertia and procrastination? Look at their traits and how productive they are.

Without question, inertia and procrastination are fear based diseases of the mind and leave you powerless when it comes to making any decision.

If you struggle to make decisions because of fear of failure you will struggle with trading and making sound investment decisions. I can talk about this because I have been there and that’s how my solutions and strategies evolved in my desire to overcome them. The individuals that make the most money trading are those who understand the power of their mind and have better self-control than anyone else.

So just ponder for a moment what 10 elite masterminds who control their minds collectively could do, supporting each and holding each other accountable to the goals they set. When you want to achieve something it can be more difficult to stay disciplined if you are doing it on your own than it is being part of an elite group whose goals are aligned with your own.

By giving more attention to how and what we think about every day helps us to control our thoughts so we can create an abundance of incredible experiences. How we feel from moment to moment is a good indicator of whether we are living the life we dreamed of.

One day I just decided I was going to spend my time on earth dwelling in just two plains. I am either being or doing. I wanted the balance of both.
Being means that I am enjoying every small and big thing I have created in my mind up to this very moment. I am grateful and appreciative for everything I see and feel right now. I have no concepts or thoughts of the past and future, I am just completely present. Words will never describe this feeling. It would be very easy to just do this and nothing else!

Doing means that each day I go about creating new adventures and experiences. Whilst I am designing all my tomorrow’s I am still enjoying the whole process moment to moment, challenges and victories! There is still so much to see and do and I decided to spend my time with other people on this incredible journey.

I am writing about this now so I could convey to you the bigger picture of why this is so much more than just trading the financial markets. When you truly know that you are the maker of your own future, with no limitations, making money trading will become completely natural and inevitable.

So I will repeat this again, the elite traders and investors are those who are better at controlling their thoughts and emotions than anyone else. They shield their minds by avoiding negative people or even just negative influences from the environment that can cloud their decision-making and determine whether they have a good day or not. They act in spite of the dream thieves and doomsayers who don’t understand them and want to stop them moving forward. This does not just apply to traders but the most successful business owners I have met and know well. The members of the mastermind know this all too well!

Trading psychology

Personal life challenges are inevitable at some point in our lives and this is why some sessions will be devoted to the powerful strategies we use to keep our minds clear and focused each day whether you are trading or not. I will not trade or make any investment decision if I am in the wrong state of mind.

How can you make good decisions if your mind is fuzzy or just full of negative thoughts? The reason that 80% of traders lose money is because they are not in the right state of mind when they trade. They will unconsciously seek out the trades that will lose them money if their thinking is fear-based.

If you understand cause and effect you will know this principle very well. If you are trading sensibly and stick to the rules you should not have any fear of losing money, it’s just part of the business you are in.

If any negative thoughts enter my mind I let them go. I won’t allow them to rent a space in my mind. I encourage members to drop any baggage they have, past stories are only useful if they contain important lessons learned. If they don’t make us stronger drop them as they serve no purpose other than to make us and those around us suffer!

You know if you’ve had your own business any negative stuff going on in your personal life will affect your business. It has to because your business is just an extension of you!

It is no different with trading. Important decisions should never be made if your mind is not in a good place. Any stupid decisions I’ve made in my past I can trace back to when my mind was cluttered, indecisive and unsure. If there is stuff going on at home I guarantee it will affect you which is why I devised highly effective strategies that work as powerful defense mechanisms.

Application Process for the Ultimate Investing Platinum Mastermind

If you have read what I have said up to this point you will know that it is important to have the right dynamic as we will be working together over the next 12 months. This is why I have a personal video call with every person that would like to join the Mastermind.

I will be asking why you would like to be a member of the Ultimate Investing Mastermind Group, what your goals are and your experiences so far as a trader and investor. I will discuss with you what value you can expect to receive over the next 12 months and of course the monetary expectations, including your investment targets.

If you implement the strategies I teach you should be setting targets of a minimum of 10% per month, so with £100,000 this would be £10,000 per month.

The Mastermind is built on mutual trust, like and respect so I will be asking you what value you can contribute to the other members over the next 12 months.

Structured monthly meetings will be held in the Boardroom in Cheltenham and web-based meetings on a bi-weekly basis covering what trades and investments are being made and continuous updates on the opportunities that lie ahead.

During our time together I encourage you to constantly look at and review your financial trading plans and wealth goals. When you have created your own personal track to run on amazing things happen so we need to make sure you stay on that track. If for whatever reason you get off track, I will be coaching you to establish what challenges you are having and provide solutions.

Being negative and complaining is banned from the Mastermind group as it serves no purpose. The monthly meetings are high energy and focused. If any member is struggling with any aspect of the learning curve for their betterment, full support will be given by me and other members if required.

If you have not already done so you will need to open a Spreadbet and Share account with a company that offers the widest range of instruments to choose from and in particular one that allows you to trade thousands of UK and US shares.

Confidentiality – The information we discuss in the group must stay in the group as we are collectively always looking to have the competitive edge that will continue accelerating your financial well being through the power of the mastermind principle.

For clarity, if you want to delegate or outsource the management of your money to a financial adviser, this Mastermind Group is not for you. I have specialist pension and investment advisers that can help you who are independent and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This Mastermind Group is only suitable for those who have enough money to sensibly trade and invest with so they can utilise all the advanced strategies taught over the 12 month period. The application fee to join is negligible compared to the massive value given and the amount of money you should generate within the group. Most importantly the Mastermind Group is run by me and you are coached only by me throughout the 12 months.

I have read about some programs with certain trading companies that lure you into spending £25,000 with them by trying to upsell you to an advanced course. This is all done whilst you are attending their £2000 forex course! This is unethical behaviour, especially if you are a beginner and only have a small amount of money to trade with. Start small and make this money work for you first, following the strategies they teach. If they work and you are successful only then should you consider paying to join an advanced group like this to enhance your knowledge and trading skills. Remember the brokerage firms publish that 80% of traders lose money with them.

The economic environment is changing all the time with new opportunities so it is probable that some of the members may be more attuned to some markets than others. So whilst I will be sharing new insights all the time, ideas from members are welcomed and aired openly at meetings to decide whether this will help make money for all members.

Whilst it is not a requirement of membership, during the 12 months I do encourage meeting in a warm location overseas, in beautiful surroundings. This is for 3-4 days and because we are in a relaxed environment it helps induce those light bulb moments. I will be discussing new trading and investment ideas to make us money and we’ll also be doing live trades together. Remember we have the freedom to make money trading wherever we are in the world, providing we have a good connection to the internet!

To reiterate, the Ultimate Investing Platinum Mastermind has just 10 individuals which I believe is the perfect number so everyone gets to know each other very well.

I know lifetime friendships are forged through commonality, especially where our dreams and goals are aligned. We are all working together to create a better quality of life for ourselves, our families, and those we come in contact with.

The power is not just the intelligence of 10 minds but there is an X factor that is difficult to define. It is the intangible force that unites us as human beings.
It is important that your partners know your goals so tell them what you are doing and why you need to focus without distractions and attend meetings.

“The Mastermind is the Coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony”

The Mastermind is formed around multiple people who all have a unified, common purpose to achieve their life and financial goals. If you ever read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Napolean Hill talks of the mastermind principle and the collaboration between Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and others who were the wealthiest and revered men of their generation. These groups still continue today all over the world in different fields, sharing new innovations and ideas. With the exception of a few rare individuals alive today the intellectual thinking power of ten minds is always going to be much greater than that of one.

I could just provide high level coaching on a one to one basis and whilst this will accelerate you to another level it is the unique Power of the Mastermind that contains hidden treasures that are unfathomable. The collective intelligence of the mastermind can never be underestimated.

The Four Pillars of the Mastermind

Mutual support – although each member may have different life and monetary goals you’ll be able to lean on each other for support in a trusted and warm environment. This is paramount to our success. Many times when progress has slowed on a specific goal, the members of the mastermind are the only people who really understand what has been going on behind the scenes and will give you support in spite of any challenges.

Differing perspectives and ideologies – hearing the different views of your fellow mastermind participants will allow you to see issues you may not have otherwise become aware of in your life and how you approach your goals. You may not initially agree with their assessment but it may give you a different perspective and give you a better understanding of how to improve on what you are currently achieving with your trading and investment goals.

Resources – everyone in the Mastermind Group will learn from each other and potentially have different successes at various times. Rather than this being frustrating, this should be seen as a positive thing to encourage and motivate you to succeed. Some members of the Mastermind will come from different backgrounds to others, will have different skillsets, and have had many life experiences. The dynamic in the mastermind I think comes from the uniqueness of each individual and how they can help and be helped. Feeling fully supported and encouraged by your peers in the group is one of the keys to success. Ultimately, the resources in the group will help you make progress in ways you could never do just on your own.

Accountability – As your forge mutual friendships with your fellow group members they will hold you accountable to the goals you set. These are your short-term life goals, not just the monetary goals you have. When you have decided the life you want to create from this moment forward and have clearly written out these statements in your life story you should create a habit to read them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. In addition, if you feel comfortable sharing them with all or just one member of our Mastermind Group this provides accountability. Just knowing that you have told somebody what you are going to do and by when will help drive you forward towards achieving your goal.

Investing and Trading Strategies

Now that you know more about the Mastermind principle you will want to understand more about the strategies and systems you will learn and implement over the next 12 months.

You will ideally have completed my Day Trading Eight Week DAX Masterclass which focuses on making money trading one market being the DAX and then the DOW. There is enough money to be made from just focusing and becoming a master in these two markets from the strategies learned on the course that you can implement on a daily basis. This is a life skill where you can make money consistently and in a tax-free environment if you follow the strategies and system I teach. For more information about the DAX Income Optimiser Masterclass please visit this page…..

Trading systems

As members of the Mastermind, you will continue to be coached on how to operate the systems I developed on trading and investing in individual stocks which you can also incorporate into how to manage your own pensions and ISA’s if you have these. I have broken everything into sequential steps of what you need to do.

You will get to know some of the more advanced strategies to use such as the cliff jumper strategy. This is where you will learn how to find the stocks that are vulnerable having been overbought. You will then know exactly where the most advantageous position is to short-sell them maximising the biggest reward for a small amount of risk to your trading account. We will do this together live in the trading boardroom and sometimes during our web-based group coaching sessions.

You will learn about my powerful baseball strategy and how to apply this to capture big gains by pinpointing where the share price will move to. Importantly I go through when to move, whether on the first, second, or third strike. Some trades you will hit home runs with, making at least 10 times the amount of risk taken, and other trades you can get stuck on first or second base. You will be given a strategy of what to do here so that you lock in profits and limit any downside.


Whilst cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are still in their embryonic stage they are here to stay. Bitcoin is still the trailblazer but there are new coins being created all the time with some 1500 alternatives as I write today.

I anticipate there being spectacular growth with the prices of some cryptos and blockchain companies soaring by well over 1000% just like what has happened with some of the tech companies like Apple and the dotcom boomers like Amazon.

We have seen the prices of cryptos completely hyped up with prices skyrocketing and now seen them come crashing down. We have been through the hysteria phase of the cycle just like what happened in the tech and dotcom boom at the end of the last century.  Some companies made a lot of noise back then and eventually came to nothing.

We will take advantage of this new market by sieving through the dredge to find the real gems. You should not just jump in and buy anything. You can’t sit on the fence for too long either. We will be spotting the trends and the most reliable coins and blockchain companies to buy and even ones to trade and short-sell.

Apple are now the richest company in the world but in 2004 had you bought shares in them you would have paid just 3 dollars. If you sold them today you would get 226 dollars for each share so even if you just bought 100 shares for £300 they would now be worth £22,600.

Today Amazon is valued at 1 trillion dollars, not bad for a company that just started out selling books online!! To capitalise on this the right tactics are important. It is the companies that will be here in ten years that we want to buy.  Leveraging these companies will multiply the gains further. As a Mastermind Group you will have a master plan to buy the right companies at discounts as they start to take off on the runway.

To get started you will need to open a trading account with a broker that offers a wide range of stocks to trade and one that I have used myself for many years.

The technology sector will continue to soar with new ways of making life easier including the use of robots (yes they are coming), electric cars and so much more. In the health sector, we will see companies finding new cures to save and prolong human lives. You will learn how to spot these exciting companies and importantly make money from them as they grow.

You will know how to identify the sectors that are falling out of favour and how to find the vulnerable stocks whose profits are declining. Again you will have an automated process so they appear on your radar so you can short-sell them as the share price starts to fall.

When we meet each month one of the sessions will be to go through existing trades and how to manage these. This will include any that need to be closed and ones where profit should be taken. Some stocks may just need the stop losses to be adjusted to lock in profits and protect any downside.

We also look for the new Golden Geese stocks that we can buy or short sell and agree on the most advantageous time when to pounce on them. Each month everyone will also be alerted to any stocks that appear on the radar and what strategy to use to capitalise on the opportunities.

All markets go through cycles with some climbing and some in descent. We also see sectors such as banking, retail, telecommunications, tobacco, property builders, technology and so on that go through periods of being popular or unpopular. With the exception of a few stocks that buck the trend, we will always look at capitalizing on the rising and falling sectors so we never swim against the tide. As members of the Mastermind Group, you will have a powerful system to evaluate them and new opportunities are continuously discussed.

What will you do when the stock market crashes?

It is not a matter of if but when will the stock market start to crash? With the Earnings in relation to the share price of most companies now being completely out of sync to their true value, this has to eventually correct itself, it always happens. The over-inflated market has been created by printing money out of fresh air and giving it to the banks who have then loaned it to companies to buy their own shares, artificially increasing the share price.

As the share prices go up investors see pound and dollar sign and jump on the carousel at high prices. We are also seeing investment advisers encouraging people to buy index trackers. The problem with this is that trackers have good and bad shares. As 80% to 90% of the companies are completely overvalued and need to go through a correction what do you think will happen to the trackers?

Everyone in the Mastermind Group will be fully prepared for what I believe could be one of the biggest crashes in history wiping hundreds of billions off share prices. You will be equipped with the tools and strategies to not only protect your wealth (including pensions, ISA’s etc) against falling share prices but to capitalise massively by short selling the indices and vulnerable stocks that just don’t justify their share price valuation. This will all be achieved through spreadbetting so that all profits made are free of Income and Capital Gains Tax, that’s assuming you are a UK Tax payer with another source of income.

Please note that if you are reading this and are not able to join the Ultimate Investing Mastermind Group at this time you need to prepare for this. What I do know from the past is that if you are not prepared for a crash you will panic, listen to the wrong advice from the ostriches sticking their heads in the sand and ultimately see a large proportion of your wealth dissipate within months.

You need a warning system that you stick to so when you see a sea of red on your screen and share prices cross into the danger zone you will know what to do to protect yourself until the storm is eventually over.

As said we will be capitalising by abseiling down all the stocks that start to capitulate when there is a massive run for the exits. The trading algorithms will go into full throttle so you need to be ready. What we will discuss in the Mastermind Group are the steps to go through to keep a cool head. You will be equipped with a very powerful strategy and how to manage the risk with a defined maximum amount you should risk.

During times of extreme volatility a share price can swing about violently, the DOW can fall by 1000 points in just 30 minutes. This is not the same as trading and investing in normal conditions where everything is more predictable.

Always keep this in mind….”Share prices go up using the stairs and come down in an elevator”

You only need to look at any stock chart of the past to see this. A stock or index such as the FTSE100 could take years to climb by 30% and fall by the same within a month. This usually happens when fear and panic sets in and human beings start to behave irrationally. This is why the members in the group will have a very clear plan to follow.

Goals and dreams

You will not need the external help of financial advisers, investment managers, or pension advisers as you will be in control of managing your own personal wealth to achieve your desired lifestyle.

You will be encouraged to have your own financial plan and I will show how with a simple press of a button you can instantaneously produce a cashflow forecast of where you are now to where you want to be. This is once you have quantified the amount of money you need now and in the future to achieve your income goals and the capital sum required for major purchases such as buying a bigger home, more travel, long term education for your children, and indulging more in what you are most passionate about. You may also want to pay off chunks of your mortgage so you are completely debt-free on your own home.

If you are someone who struggles to know what you want, just start imagining what you would do if you only had a short amount of time left. If life was perfect what would it look like for you?
Perhaps you have heard of the bucket list? What would you put in your bucket right now?

Increasing your wealth by keeping more of what you make

If you sensibly and legally reduce your tax liabilities, this will enable you to reinvest this to accumulate more money, accelerating your wealth faster. Whilst I will share many tax-saving ideas within the Mastermind group I will also bring in tax specialists to help everyone plan and organise their tax affairs better.

As a UK taxpayer, whatever money you make from spreadbetting the financial markets is currently tax-free, providing this is not your only source of income. This is massively advantageous when building your wealth because of the compounding effect. In two years if you made £200,000, after deductions you might only get to keep £100,000 of it, regardless of being employed or self-employed.

Let this statement sink in…. You can significantly reduce the time it takes to become financially free by not giving away half of the money you are making!!

This is one of the bricks in my ‘Invisible Wall’ concept I discuss in the Mastermind Group that prevents the vast majority of people from ever moving from financial dependence (D) to financial independence (I).

Some numbers…

Providing you have enough capital to trade and invest with, did you know that if you made £5000 per month spreadbetting the financial markets this is the equivalent of a gross salary of £90,000 a year, after you have paid PAYE tax and National Insurance.

If you make £10,000 per month spreadbetting, this is equivalent to earning a £200,000 a year salary!!! This is because a £200,000 a year salary will give you a net income £9723 per month, after PAYE tax and NI deductions. This ignores any pension contributions and other benefits you might receive from your employer. Just run any number through a salary calculator to see how much tax and national insurance you pay in the UK.

This should be enough to motivate you to become a skilled financial trader and utilise the current tax breaks that spreadbetting offers to accelerate your wealth. Another bonus is that you will not be working the same amount of hours trading as would if you were working for a £90,000 or £200,000 a year salary. If you don’t enjoy spending your time each day commuting to work in busy traffic you won’t need to do that anymore.

When selling individual shares at big profits, after using your Capital Gains Allowance your gains will be subject to Capital Gains Tax so you will need to plan carefully for this. Also if you are deploying capital into a high dividend income portfolio you will need to adjust everything accordingly for tax purposes. Please also remember that CFD’s are subject to tax but losses can be offset against gains.

Decision time

The monetary gains and value you will get from being a member of the Platinum Mastermind Group are considerable and will dwarf the investment made to join. You are not spending but investing your money to join the Mastermind for significant returns. The definition of spending is where you are wasting money and time. You will not be doing this here!!

If you are interested in joining the Ultimate Investing Platinum Mastermind Group please complete your details below. Alternatively, you can send me a personal email at the following address: [email protected].

To your success, Adam

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