Ultimate Investing Two day Course

Ultimate Investing Two day Course

Ultimate Investing Two Day Course

Ultimate Investing is a live and interactive event created specifically for individuals who have an appetite for educating themselves on how to invest and trade the financial markets.

The full two days are presented personally by me, Adam Collingwood and not by any other coaches just teaching my course. At Ultimate Investing I dive deep into the science of trading individual stocks including how you can skilfully spreadbet individual financial stocks both in the UK and globally, all within a tax efficient environment.

A great deal of time and effort has been put into making this as transformational as possible for attendees and is jam-packed full of insights, revelations, and strategies for you to consistently make money in the financial markets. You will learn the most favourable times when to buy at significant discounts and how to short-sell when the market starts to plummet during times of uncertainty.

Whilst you may see stock trading events advertised, they only scratch the surface. As someone who has been an investment manager and adviser spanning 18 years, I will be sharing my wealth of experience and some of the best-kept secrets that nobody wants you to know. The truth is that the financial industry capitalises massively on the lack of financial education and naivety of the wider population.

Why is it that less than 2% ever become financially free?

Well, there is something I call the ‘Invisible Wall that stands between you and Financial Independence’. Once you know what this wall is, you can then begin to do something about it!

I will explain what this Invisible Wall is over these two days.

If you are intrigued to know how you can beat the fund managers who collectively manage billions of pounds then this event is definitely for you. By the end of the two days, you will know how to manage your own share portfolio. The default is that if you still want to delegate some of your money to fund managers you will never give your hard earned cash to a dog again!

You will leave Ultimate Investing with a system automated to always keep your money managed by those at the top of their game. You will be given exact steps and a video tutorial to follow on exactly how to do this. I will reveal some of the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes and why finally fund managers are being put under the spotlight having got away with charging high fees for doing very little other than underperforming their respective indices such as the FTSE100, FTSE250, and Dow Jones.

You will learn how to buy individual shares both in the UK and overseas and the best value for money brokers to use and how to keep everything organized and all under one umbrella. After the live event, you will also be given video tutorials on how to implement everything from the trading and investment strategies to the organizational side of things such as opening accounts and how to set up everything correctly on your charts. Nothing is left out where you need to work out how to do something. Every step in the process has a video tutorial to go with it.

Despite making lots of notes, many people come away from two-day courses forgetting some of the stuff they learned, including the important how to’s. It has been proven that our brains can only retain a certain amount of new information. The investment and trading strategies you will learn are for life so you will always have access to these videos to watch again whenever you want! All we ask is that you don’t share them with anybody who has not attended the Ultimate Investing course as only you will be given private access.

The other benefit is that whilst the two days are structured in a formulaic and sequential way I like these events to be interactive to ensure that everyone gets all their questions answered so you understand everything including the logic behind the strategies being used.

How much money do you need to make?

This is a simple question but when I ask this, very few people can give me the answer!  Being vague such as I just want to be a millionaire is too general.

How much money do you need to be comfortable where all your monthly living expenses are covered and your mortgage is paid off so you are living in your home rent free?

Have you ever added up everything you have right now in savings, investments etc?

Have you ever quantified how much your desired future lifestyle will cost right up the end of your life assuming this is age 90? Most people don’t know this number but it is the most important one!

Have you ever written down the desired date you need to achieve this number by?

Remember you need a much bigger amount in 10 years or 40 years because inflation will have eroded your money.

Whatever the gap is from where you are now to what your future desired lifestyle will cost is the magic number. This is what you need to aim for when you put your financial trading and investment plan together. If you’ve not done this before, don’t worry I will show you how and why it is the most important thing you can do!

This is to get you to the place where you are comfortable, in other words financially free.

Once you are comfortable, if you then have much bigger plans such as a bigger house with lots of grounds, expensive holidays, traveling the world, philanthropy and so on, then you can work on the rich plan and what number you need to have all of these things. The powerful thing about setting targets is that it gives you focus, structure and a far better chance of getting everything you want. Will you be one of the few people that know exactly what they want and have taken the time to work out how much money they will need!!

So trading the financial markets is just the vehicle that can drive you to where you want to get to from where you are now. I have a great tool that will show you how much your investment return needs to compound up by each month once you know the definite date you want to achieve your desired lifestyle by.

If you need to make 5-10% per month, spread betting stocks you will learn how to do this. As you read this, the rate of return may seem alien to you and perhaps skeptical that this could ever be possible, especially when you can only earn 2% per year on a cash ISA.

Remember it is the combined power of compounding and using the leverage that has the power to achieve these returns and you will understand how to do this systematically so that this just becomes normal.

Financial trading is a life skill you will be learning so you will be taking responsibility for your own financial destiny and this means putting the effort in to learn how to do this.

By the end of the two days, you will have a Trading Plan with which you are encouraged to write out your goals so you have a vision of what you want to get from trading the financial markets. So as I said before these are your financial as well as material goals, such as wanting to make enough money to give you a reliable income or paying lump sums off your mortgage or moving into a bigger home.

Once you have quantified how much money you need by a future date we can then break this down into bite-sized chunks. In other words how much need to make each month, week and then each day. There is massive power in this and avoids overwhelm of trying to achieve a big target in just one month!!!

Financial Trading v Working for a Salary

Think of it this way….a UK taxpayer earning £30,000 a year salary, after tax and National Insurance will take home a monthly income of £1973.31 for the current 2018/2019 tax year. This assumes no pension contributions or any other benefits.

If you work 40 hours per week you work for an hourly rate of £11.38, after deductions. Could you make at least £2000 per month through spread betting the financial markets? Depending on the size of your trading account this is easily achievable and completely tax free (providing this is not your only source of income as clarified by HMRC).

This is some of what else you will learn from Ultimate Investing over the two days

  • I share with you the exact simplified process and financial trading tools I use so that you can start implementing them immediately.
  • You will learn how to automate everything so prime US and UK stocks appear on your radar. You are always looking for the golden geese which are the stocks that will lay your golden eggs!!
  • You will know when to kill the golden goose when it goes bad and stops laying golden eggs. In fact it becomes dangerous and starts to attack you taking the golden eggs back!
  • How to implement a system that avoids the landmines that can come from anywhere so you avoid losing money
  • How to find, follow and specialize in the trending sectors that are climbing or falling – you will learn how all sectors go through cycles
  • Seasonal stocks -I will show you how to organize your system to find stocks that increase during certain months every year and the months to avoid them which eat into your gains. In other words when to bank your profit.
  • You will learn why you should never short sell a winning stock even when it briefly falls during general market turbulence
  • Why you should never buy an out of favour falling stock even when it has hit new lows. When a stock turns into a bad apple there is a good reason and you need to understand why and take advantage when it’s in a downward trend
  • You will know how to calculate the risk to take using only a small percentage of your trading or investment account. This is crucial to your success.
  • You will learn when to let the big stocks keep gaining for you and when to cut others very quickly for minimal losses.
  • Why you should never bet against the trend and how to make money knowing when the trend ends and starts to change direction
  • How to always be one step ahead of the fund managers who look after hundreds of millions of pounds
  • You will learn why and how you can make more than fund managers – hint they do not have the autonomy and speed. Think of speed boats v cruise liners
  • How to have a team of your own FREE analysts identifying the best UK and global stocks to buy. Most importantly these are the best analysts in the industry that have won the highest accolades
  • How to be one step ahead and identify a stock that is in trouble and when to get in and make money short-selling that stock as it falls
  • Sale of the century -How to automate everything so you buy great stocks at massively discounted prices as you do in the Xmas sales and then sell them on for big profits at the right time. You will know how to do this several times a year.
  • How to be financially well organised so you can look at the full picture with just a glance and a few taps of your keyboard
  • The importance of specialising rather than generalising when selecting shares to buy or short sell and understanding the personality and trends of these stocks.
  • How to protect your wealth and then make huge profits, capitalising on the inevitable stockmarket crash that could come at any time. You will also learn why it is dangerous to try to predict when this is.
  • You will learn the market cycles and how to navigate your way around your charts correctly which will become your new best friend. Hint- Plotting where the treasure chests are on your charts is where the money is!
  • You will learn how to pounce on the bounce by knowing where the price is likely to pull back to before buying or short-selling.
  • For attendees who are UK residents you will learn how to build up your unlimited wealth in a completely tax free environment. You just need to follow the rules.
  • How the way you think can sabotage your results based on past conditioning on what you need to do to change this. You will learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions so you are completely detached from any trade or stock.
  • You will learn the process of how to treat this as a business like no other and one that consistently makes you money without some of the big overheads traditionally associated with normal businesses.
  • There is so much that you will learn with Ultimate Investing over these two days and after you have attended the event you will receive access to all the ‘How to’ video tutorials to help you start your new journey.

I look forward to seeing you at the Ultimate Investing Two Day Course and if you have any questions beforehand please email [email protected]

If our paths do not cross again I wish you every success in your future.

Best wishes, Adam

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