On This Masterclass You Will Learn How To Trade The Amazingly Predictable German DAX......

  • You Will Receive Immediate Access To All Eight Weeks Of The DAX Income Optimiser Masterclass So You Can Complete On Your Own Schedule (16 Hours of Videos)
  • The discipline and mindset you need to have to control your emotions which is essential to becoming a compotent and powerful trader (please watch my Trading Psychology video here) 
  • You Will Get My Secret Weapon- The Bedrock To The Whole System
  • Formulaic Learning where I coach you through the sequential steps of the DAX Income Optimiser System
  • You will be able to trade one or all of the powerful strategies of the DAX Income Optimiser System and become a consistently profitable trader!
  • Even trading just one strategy will help you avoid big losses and consistently generate larger wins providing you stick to the rules of the system! 
  • You will learn the most strategic places to enter your trade positions on the German DAX (not where other traders think they are!
  • You will learn how to minimise losses with stops in strategic places and maximum your gains avoiding exiting too early and missing out on the big moves!
  • You will learn how to compound your trading account consistently with small trade sizes to begin with
  • The Bruce Lee rule that made him one of the greatest martial artists ever and how you must apply this rule to become an expert financial trader
  • How to control a day trade to maximise profit
  • How to trade like you are running a business
  • There is so much, much more so please keep reading below to see what you will learn on each week of the Masterclass!!


In This Training Video You Will Learn A Very Powerful Strategy I Teach On The DAX Income Optimiser Masterclass

To be a successful trader you need to have
monk-like discipline and the right mindset. In this video, I discuss the Psychology of Trading and how this completely changed my life and I hope it will yours :)
How To Trade Without EGO!

  • In This Video You Will Learn Another Powerful Trading Strategy to see Where to enter, where to place the stop and how to leave the trade running and then bank your gains at exactly the right time  

If you have been trading for a while but still not getting the results you want then this training is definitely for you

I will show you all the trading tools you will ever need to trade. So no more need to over-complicate everything. Just simplicity with incredible accuracy!

Albert Einstein once proclaimed that Compound Interest was the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'. The Power of this is truly incredible. That is why I teach how to compound your trading account each month. You will be provided with a Financial trading compound interest calculator with intructions how to do this

Please always remember that Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Leading brokers state that approximately 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs. Before trading you should understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


An Introduction To The DAX Income Optimiser Masterclass

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Leading brokers state that approximately 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs. Before trading you should understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Having traded different markets for many years I found that the German Dax was perfect for Day Trading when say compared to the FTSE100. It is so easy to trade anything that moves such as the forex pairs, commodities, indices and so on but when you have too many trades to manage this can get you into all sorts of bother especially when big news items come out sending the markets into a tail spin.  

The DAX Income Optimiser is a powerful day trading system I created to make money daily by specialising in just one market so as to avoid over trading and being distracted by what is happening in all the other markets like forex. The components to the system are built around a magic indicator which is my secret weapon. This I discovered after years of technical analysis backtesting numerous indicators together and tracking how the price action reacted to them. There are many intracacies to the system but I have simplified them into a step by step process. 

There are four main strategies that can be executed in different market environments. For example one strategy can capitalise massively when the DAX momentum is moving strongly in one direction. Another strategy profits on reversals from my own key levels of support and resistance plotted on the chart. Importantly they are not where everyone else is looking! What happens on the days when the markets are just moving sideways? Well I also have an oscillating strategy to sniper pips. Think of it like playing pinball!  

So I have always been looking for the holy grail (if it exists!) which is to consistently trade the DAX breakouts as they happen and then take the reversals which on many occasions can happen in one day. So we can be Long and Short several times in one trading session especially when the DAX has momentum. 

Importantly I wanted to create a disciplined system that would force you to close your trade early for a small loss without ego interference which is the biggest problem for traders. On the other side of the coin I wanted a system where I could let the winners run and run to maximise profitability on those big DAX breakouts to get those 100 to 200 pip moves that can happen in just one day. 

A common trait and frustration for traders is they take profit too early at say 35 pips only to see the market momentum smash through any resistance and support barriers which would have given them those huge gains. The DAX Income Optimiser system ticks both boxes and is mesmerising when you watch your trades in full flow. However, a point to make here is that on some trades the right thing to do could be to take 20 or 30 pips. The Income Optimiser will decide this for you as you will learn on the DAX masterclass so the imperative thing here is that by following the system you will know the right decision to make.  

As an example you will see how I controlled and managed a small trade to bank a Mega 435 pips on the DAX in just a single afternoon using my DAX Income Optimiser system! This was a live trade I did on Week 1 of the DAX Masterclass. You can see this in the video above.

If you trade forex and find it extremely frustrating you will learn that trading the DAX is not only enjoyable but more predictable. Perhaps you have already tried trading the DAX but are not quite there yet and completely resonate with the aforementioned challenges. Maybe you are still making school boy errors and losing money unecessarily. I designed the course to shine the spotlight on these errors and help day traders disintangle from the bad habits they have picked up. 

In Week 1 you will learn the DAX Money Making Machine and have access to your new secret weapon which is the bedrock to the DAX Income Optimiser system and strategies you will learn to trade with every day on your trading journey. You will also learn the importance of why you must treat this as a business whether you want to generate a full time income or part time income. You will be given all the tools you will ever need to trade competently to make many thousands of pounds. Knowing when to enter a trade and where to exit are the keys to your success. The system will ensure you manage the trade skillfully and letting the winners keep running to make big profits instead of closing the trade too early. You will see an example of this live trade in Week 1 where the trade was manage to collect 435 pips in just over two hours (Many traders would have taken the money much earlier and missed out) by following the DAX system.

In Week 2 you will learn why "How you think affects your trading results". If you identify a trade that will give you a high return for minimal risk such as a 2-1 or 3-1 (Risk/Reward ratio) you cannot hesitate or be fearful of losing money. You must detach your emotions to money when trading. I made a 15 minute video on 'Trading without Ego' in which I explain how I step out of thinking and just focus only on one thing. 

I also teach how to apply Einstein's theory of Compound Interest to trading and when combining this with leverage you can create Financial Alchemy! You will also learn another trading strategy 'The Mushroom Omelette (Reversal) Strategy which will be your new best trading friend! And much, much more......

In Week 3 you will learn to see the BUY and SELL Zones. When it is safest to BUY or SELL the DAX. This is about trading with the highest probability of success and when to stand aside if the market is too choppy (in between both). You will also learn the most powerful and consistent timeframes to trade in and how to use them simultaneously to spot perfect entry and exits to massively increase your success. You will also become a Pro when using Support and Resistance trend lines on your chart. Hint -They are not where you think and this catches novice traders out all the time. Knowing where these are will help you to maximise profits by finding the best trading opportunties and avoid losing money.You will also know when to identify the DAX trend reversal (entering a new zone) and the power of using your new secret weapon to trade the DAX momentum on crossovers. And loads more......

One of the major reasons for financial traders losing money is the complete misunderstanding of STOP's!! This is a really big deal and pivotal to whether you make money at trading.You must know where the most strategic place is to initially place your stop before you enter any trade. If the DAX price does hit your stop you must be disciplined to accept that this and just move on. Remember you have to sometimes lose to win! This discipline will always keep you in the game. 

You will learn how to manage your stop on each trade by moving it to a strategic position to shadow the DAX price action. This rule based approached will not only lock in profits as the DAX is trending for you but it will remove all initial risk of loss when you initially executed the trade. You can then sit back comfortably and watch your profits build nicely for you!! You will learn another strategy which is the Flipper. Yes it's named after my favourite dolphin! 

In Week 5, I cover how to use alarms and alerts to protect and maximise your profits. You will learn how to make money on news and avoid the landmines that can eat into your profits if you are on the wrong side. In this week we will also cover the power of trend lines for entries and exit's. Like to know how to trade whilst on on the hoof? This is also covered so you can keep trades open with your trading stops in the most strategic place and limit orders set when the DAX hit's your desired target. This is invaluable if you cannot be at your trading screen as you need to be elsewhere. 

In Week 6 I talk about how to train your brain to trade both ways. This is much harder than it seems as you unconciously have a bias towards being a buyer (bull) or seller (bear). This is why you must have rules to trade the other way when the DAX changes direction. At this stage you will already have the tools and the discipline you learned in the earlier weeks. You will learn when to take small losses and when to just let the winners keep running catapulting you into financial ecstacy!! You will also be learning another strategy of the DAX Income Optimiser System. This is the 'Bread and Butter' strategy which you can use regularly each day to keep hoovering up pips! We will also be covering trading pyschology and fear which again is pivotal to your success as a trader. 

In Week 7 you will see how to use the other trading indicators to sometimes provide added confirmation. This compliments the system rather than being used to decide on when to execute trades. For example the RSI may indicate areas where the DAX is overbought or oversold but this is only secondary to the primary system. 

Importantly, when you have mastered the DAX Income Optimiser system the Bruce Lee way and are consistently making money you may want to consider trading Wall Street and two Forex pairs that work well. This should not be attempted though until you feel that you are accomplished at trading the DAX.  

In this last Week 8 we will be recapping on everything you have learned so far. I will also be covering how to make serious money from the 'BIG SHORT 2". It is inevitable that we are going to have a huge stockmarket correction (crash). There are many reasons for this which I will go into but when 'FEAR' strikes and everyone starts running for the exits to sell shares like they did in 2008 you will be poised ready and waiting to make huge returns using your new secret weapon the DAX Money Making Machine.  

I cannot use enough superlatives when I say that this will be one of those opportunties of a lifetime to make a fortune. The DAX Income Optimiser System will give you the trigger. You will know how to use your secret weapon on the other markets when they go into freefall. This is a big week for learning but your focus will pay huge dividends. Just remember the it only took three years for the DAX Index to drop from 8000 in THE YEAR 2000 to just 2715 in 2003!! Don't follow the herd who say it's different this time and it won't happen again!! 


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