Filling the gaps with TESLA Motors

Filling the gaps with TESLA Motors

Filling the gaps with TESLA Motors

This is an example of scavaging some scraps from the table when a share suddenly gaps. This means that the share price opens massively higher (in this case at 21467) than the close of yesterdays price 19361. Also see it closed right on my horizontal support line in green. Uncanny hey!!

What happens sometimes is that some of the gap on the share gets filled in. The strategy here is to let the sellers start painted the screen red. They have seen the share price increase over night and will want to sell off some of their stock quickly. Makes perfect sense hey? Also makes sense to me to have a piece of the action and fish for this evenings supper! I sold Tesla at 21,246 as shown in the red box and the small blue horizontal line. At 25p per point I just closed the trade profiting by 492 pips at Resistance 2.

With a small stake of 25p per point I banked £125 in half an hour!!

tesla motors trade

Thinking if you can do this too? Looks easy doesn’t it? That’s because it is!!

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