If you’ve got young kids you are probably familiar with Zoo the Zebra. Certainly one of my children’s favourites!

Nothing to do with Zebra Technologies but the name certainly stays at the forefront of my mind. Technology companies like these are always good to keep on your watchlist.

The share price has flown up by over 13% today and anyone following them on twitter may have got a sniff that punters were buying fast.

Look at the weekly chart below and you will see the share price has been trending beautifully. In June and September last year it hit our magic blue line for a perfect buying opportunity.

If you got in then at about 4500 ($45 per share) you will be looking at almost a 2000 point movement. Even at £3 per point this would have given you a £6000 win which is not to be sniffed at thanks to our black and white striped techno friends!

zebra trade

Not to worry if you missed this Zebra. There are many, many more like this. You just need to stay ready and waiting. Stick to the rules and you will keep making money time and time again with !

Remember you need to be like a tiger ready to pounce on the next opportunity. Now don’t take this literally to mean pouncing on Zebra’s!!! Too upsetting for me and the kids!!!